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Alvatek is proud to distribute and support El-Cell’s range of battery fixtures, tools, temperature chambers and PAT stations for battery researchers in the UK.

With El-Cell equipment there is no need to make messy unreliable coin cells anymore. 

Simple to use, reliable and repeatable results are easily achieved with El-Cell.

During battery operation, there can be substantial changes to the liquid electrolyte. The Novonix DTA system uses an in-situ, non-destructive technique to measure and monitor how the liquid electrolyte evolves over the lifetime of a battery.

Scribner has added the model 585, 5A per channel, 8 channel Battery Test System to its range.  Includes optional HFR for measurement of impedance.

The entry-level Vertex.C offers 350mA and 13V compliance plus 1MHz EIS.  The optional Bipot delivers up to 35mA / 10V.

The IviCycle is a multi-channel test system with optional impedance capability. The channels are divided over 4 x 8 channel modules which can be a mix of the different IviCycle modules to create the desired number of channels with varying compliance.

This 64-way multiplexer unit was designed for use with a pre-existing battery cycler. It allows the scheduling of impedance / EIS measurements at predetermined intervals to determine battery condition as a function of ageing.  Please contact us for more details via our contact form here.

The XP range is designed from the ground up for high power rather than relying on separate boosters.  That improves performance, bandwidth, safety and enables full auto current ranging without disconnection or switches.   Includes hardware safety limit checking for enhanced safety when testing batteries.